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Heirloom Pillows & Bears

Accent pillows are a popular way to share the memory of a special wedding gown. In the picture below a 70 year old wedding gown was used to make pillows for her five children and twelve teddy bears for her grandchildren. Prices start at $35. The other pictures show a ring bearer pillow made from a mother's wedding gown and modern bolster pillows from grandmother's needlepoint.
This client brought her 44 year old wedding gown and her mother-in-law's 70 year old gown.
The satin bears included button and loop detail from the 70 year old gown as well as lace appliques. Each bear had an embroidered monogram from the 1941 bride.
Six 14" pillows were made out of the 44 year old gown. All of the lace was washed and each pillow was designed individually to highlight the lace. Each pillow was embroided with the "brides" monogram and wedding date.