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Bridal Services

Whether you are the bride, mother-of-the-bride or groom, bridesmaid, flower girl or a guest, we can fit you perfectly for that special day! We pay special attention to detail and all formal wear is pressed to perfection before it leaves.

Bridal Gowns - typically require three fittings. All alterations expertly done including redesigns such as; neckline, sleeve design and skirt reshaping. Kay is knowledgeable of all bustle styles and can help you decide which is best for your style of gown. Shoes and undergarments are required at each fitting. Please allow eight weeks for fittings, however, rush jobs are available if time permits.


Mother-of-the-Bride or Groom - typically requires two fittings. Redesigns available. Shoes and undergarments are required for the first fitting. Please allow four to six weeks for fittings.


Bridesmaid or Flower Girl - typically requires one fitting plus try on at pick up. Special attention is given to ensure all bridesmaids, from the same wedding party, are fit similarly.

Custom Veils - especially made to your specifications in a variety of illusion colors and edgings
This wedding gown, originally worn in 1941, belonged to a bride's grandmother. She wanted to wear the dress but wanted it more updated. Fabric from the very long train was used to create a one shoulder pleated bodice and the original skirt was used with a sweep train.  For other vintage possibilites see Heirloom Items.
For custom designed bridal wear see Custom Design